Four “ingredients” are necessary for cavity formation: a tooth, bacteria, sugar/other carbohydrates and time. To prevent tooth decay, it is very important for you to be mindful of when and what your child eats. Dietary habits that can increase the risk of cavities include:

• Excessive sugary foods, especially between meals
• Sugary drinks, including fruit juices, sports drinks, and flavored soy and cow’s milk, especially between meals
• Between meals snacks, especially starchy (cracker, chips, etc) and sugary (candy, cookies, dried fruit) foods

Best snacks include fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, cheeses, milk (unsweetened), and water. In addition to healthy eating habits, thorough daily brushing and flossing can keep bacteria from forming harmful colonies. Remember, dental decay is an infection of the tooth. Routine dental checkup can greatly reduce and prevent cavities and dental treatments.

Category: Prevention