We invite parents to stay with their children during the initial examination, as well as any future visits. As a team, we can overcome apprehension, gain your child’s confidence, and provide the safest environment. We find that once we establish a certain comfort level, many children feel comfortable in coming to the treatment area by themselves. We also find on occasion that children do better by themselves if they require treatment. You know your child best – it is our goal to make his/her dental visit a great experience and we welcome your ideas and suggestions. For the safety and privacy of all patients, children without an appointment should remain in the reception room with a supervising adult. Our dental staff tailors behavior guidance and management techniques based on your child’s level of comfort with us. We use various techniques to establish positive communication and ensure a happy and comfortable environment.

• Tell-show-do: A verbal explanation of the dental procedure on an age appropriate level, followed by a
demonstration, then completion of procedure.
• Nonverbal communication: Reinforcement and guidance of behavior through appropriate physical contact,
posture, facial expressions and body language.
• Positive reinforcement: Awarding good behavior with verbal praise and rewards.
• Distraction: A technique that diverts the child’s attention from what he/she may perceive as unpleasant. It can
involve taking breaks throughout a procedure if needed.
• Voice control: Moderation of the voice to help direct your child and reinforce appropriate behavior.

Category: Sedation Dentistry