In children, dental infections are usually caused by deep caries or a history of trauma/injury. Untreated dental infections can lead to pain, abscess, and cellulitis. Consequently, children are prone to dehydration – especially if they are not eating well due to pain and malaise. Extracting infected tooth is important to control pain and prevent the spread of infection. Extraction may also be necessary for other reasons, such as crowding/spacing issues or over-retained baby tooth which blocks the eruption of the permanent tooth.

If your child needs an extraction, we take great care to ensure that he/she is relaxed and comfortable. During the extraction, your child should feel a little bit of pressure as the tooth is gently lifted out of the socket. While it is normal to experience a small amount of bleeding afterward, bleeding can be controlled by biting down firmly on a square gauze. Our experienced staff is here to explain post-care instructions with you in detail. We can also be reached at (408) 828-7075 should you have additional concerns after-hour.