Dental/Facial Trauma

   * Chipped/Broken Tooth 
    Depending on the extent of injury, it can cause the tooth to be extremely sensitive and may occasionally result in nerve infection. This is a condition that should be discussed immediately with our doctor to determine the appropriate course of action.

   * Knocked Out Permanent Tooth 
    This is a very serious emergency that requires IMMEDIATE treatment! Please call our office or go to the Emergency Room immediately. 

   * Knocked Out Baby Tooth 
    Unfortunately, there are no techniques to save a baby tooth once it has been knocked out. Do not attempt to replace it, as it may cause damages to the growth of your child’s permanent tooth. Call our office as soon as possible to discuss treatment options, such as a baby bridge.

   * Cut or Bitten Cheek, Tongue, Lip, Gums 
    Apply pressure to stop or slow the bleeding. If the wound is severe or doesn’t stop bleeding, call our office or go to the Emergency Room immediately. Stitches may be necessary to stop the bleeding, prevent the spread of infection and allow for proper healing of the site.